Starved of S*x

A Man was starved of sex because his wife just newly had a baby through cesarean section. One day, the wife said to him, "Eeyaa, my love, I know how you must be feeling because of my condition. Take this N2000 and go look for someone to satisfy you."

Surprised, the hubby quickly grabbed the money and he left!

45 minutes later, he came back. The wife, surprised to see her husband so soon, said, "So soon?"

The hubby replied, "I didn't go far, I went to the neighbour's house, Mrs. Funmi."

The wife asked, "I hope she didn't take any money from you."

The hubby replied, "She did."

The wife got very angry and said, "Is she crazy?! When she just gave birth to her own child, I was sleeping with her husband for free!"

The husband fainted...

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ademola's picture

Very funny

newton 's picture

Helping each other bad joke.

Rose mwendo's picture funny

Wendy's picture

Tit for tat
Tz just a simple arithmetic

sita Dora's picture

Really amusing

night wings's picture

Funny but true Mind.

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