Stomach Pain

A man passed a mentally ill man who was sitting at the gate of a chemist shop, he went straight to the attendant and said, "Sir! I have severe stomach pain for the past 3 weeks, I have not been myself."

Immediately, the mentally ill man heard that, he rushed into the chemist, touched the man on the shoulder and said, "Hey! it hurts right?"

The man was surprised at what the madman said but he replied and said, "Yes!"

The madman said, "It feels like there is someone inside drawing your intestine right?"

Shocked and surprised, he answered, "Yes, yes... you're right!"

"And," the madman continued, "it triggers some severe headaches from time to time, right?"

"Absolutely!" Exclaimed the man, "But how did you know all these?"

The madman just looked at him and said, "How did you think my own madness started?"
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