Train Noise

A "Just married" couple lodge themselves in a hotel for their honeymoon in the evening, the man went downstairs to the bar to have a drink because he wasn't feeling sleepy, the woman left alone in the room decided to sleep but wasn't allowed to sleep by a rocket train which has it rails just behind the hotel building.

When ever she is about to get into a cosy sleep, she gets awaken by these trains for several times. So this woman called the manager of the hotel and told him her story but the manager was a bit sceptic, so the woman told him to lie down and wait for the next train to pass, so this manager got himself at a fraction of the bed with the woman.

Immediately the husband got inside the room and exclaimed "WHAAAT!" Hey man what are you doing with my wife on the same bed?!"

The manager smiled and replied, "Mr. Would you believe me if I tell you that I'm waiting for a train?"
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