Types of Guys

1. Real Madrid Boys: They only go in for expensive ladies (Galacticos). When they set their eyes on you, you will fall for them. Their offers are very tempting and sweet to go by. When you are with them and you easily flop, they will fire you quickly.

2. Barcelona: These kinds of guys will always make you feel at home. As a lady, you count yourself lucky. They will do whatever possible to always make you smile and feel proud. Even if it requires cheating to make you happy, they will do that at all cost.

3. Athletico Madrid: These guys love ladies with an aggressive heart. No loose marking and would try whatever means to defend their relationship. If you are a lady and you fall in love with them, forget about break up, they will defend it till the end.

4. Arsenal: They are kinda of lovely guys Always play a lovely role, but when the relationship is getting excited and you expect them to deliver results, they will easily disappoint you. They are specialists in breaking hearts.

5. A.C Milan: These guys brag to ladies based on what they achieved in time past. But currently, their pockets might be dry.

6. Chelsea: The prestige and swag are there. They have patience for their girls when they fell in love with you very well. They can keep you forever and ever. They simply need a type of Lady that can bring smiles and glory to their faces. They are hungry for success.

7. Liverpool: They don't know what kind of lady they actually want. Their youthful days were bright, but they are seriously battling for the kind of lady that can help make them successful one more time. However, they are the fine guys' ladies want and they never give up to break up until the very end.

8. Manchester United: These guys can date like ten times a year. They easily take a girl and easily break up with them. They have no nonsense heart for a relationship. They are quick tempered in nature. Ladies that date them know very well that their future is risky.

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Are u trying to crack a joke???

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But dats not funny

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