Valentine Day Breakup

Valentine is here and today, many guys will start looking for excuses for a breakup, excuses like...

1. Hey why will you call me by 8am? ITS OVER!

2. Why will you wear yellow shirt? I told you I'm allergic to yellow colours! ITS OVER!

3. Why will you close the door? ITS OVER!

4. I said fry two eggs, you fried one... ITS OVER!

5. I told you to wash your clothes with Ariel, but you used Omo... ITS OVER!

6. Why will you be using Airtel? ITS OVER!

7. Is this the noodles I told you to buy? ITS OVER!

8. Why will you call me with an Etisalat number after I told you how they deducted my airtime... ITS OVER!

9. Jeez, you are still using king James bible.. ITS OVER!

10. Why will you be on Facebook before me? ITS OVER!

11. Why are you reading this post? IT'S OVER!

12. Why are you addicted to Social media? IT'S OVER!

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stephen. abarkeh's picture

It is hilarious

HARD LI's picture


Ellablaze's picture

Dats jst d truth

ezeokoli chioma's picture

thats so nice

Olayimika's picture

wao, very great

amarachi lady presh's picture


Dorcas's picture

Dats fairly true

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