Watch your language

One day a man went to a bank and demanded to see the manager.
MAN: Where is the f#!*king manager in this f#!*king bank?
CASHIER: I'm very sorry sir but we don't use that kind of language bank.
MAN: What the f#!*k
CASHIER: Sir, you have to watch your language...

The argument goes on for a while then the manager walks by.

MANAGER: What is going on here?
CASHIER: This man is using prohibited language here sir.
MANAGER: We are sorry but you have to leave this bank.

MAN: Oh what the f#!*k! I want to deposit 2 million dollars in this f#!*king bank and you're telling me shit!
MANAGER: Eh! I'm what was this f#!*king girl telling you!? I'm the f#!*king manager of the f#!*king bank, come on lets go to my f#!*king office for the f#!*king transaction!!!
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