Ways to die

An elderly man boarded a bus in lagos with a pretty girl sitting close to him. A young man wanted to light a cigarette in the bus.
MAN: What is wrong with you young man, why would you light a cigarette in this bus? Do you want to kill this pretty girl here.
YOUNG MAN: Sorry sir...he put off the light.

After a long time in the traffic without movement, the pretty girl stretched with her hands in the air and a serious odour came out from her armpit. Immediately the elderly man said to young man.
MAN: Light the ciga!
MAN: Are u deaf? I say light the ciga!!!
YOUNG MAN: Ok sir.
[He lit d cigarette]
MAN: Blow it to my nose, bloooow it!!!
YOUNG MAN: Yes sir.
MAN: It is better to die this way than to die that way!
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