Funny Sayings

I want to be very rich to the extent that if I find a rat in my house, instead of killing it, I will just leave and buy another house!

Today is Sunday. Share this on your Facebook Wall within 7 days... you'll get another Sunday. It really works! One of my friends ignored this message and he got a Monday within...

TRUE SAYING "Any man who successfully convinces a monkey that honey is sweeter than a banana is capable of selling condoms to a Roman father."

Don't keep a condom in your wallet together with your money and expect money to multiply. Condoms are used to avoid multiplication!

All you guys/girls who told your Ex girlfriend/boyfriend that you can't live without them... when is your burial ceremony coming up?

"The Cockroach that twerks in the presence of a lizard will end up as his dinner." Igbo Proverb

CNN News: Rihanna is pregnant with Drakes baby. "I've kept it a secret as long as I can. But I think the public have the right to know", said 29-year-old Rihanna. Rihanna...

I don't understand Nigerians Again! No money, no money, yet there's always a long queue at the ATM. Are they withdrawing their sins?

7 TRUE FACTS ABOUT YOUR BODY 1. You cannot count your hair. 2. You cannot put soap in your eyes. 3. You cannot breathe through your nose with your tongue out. 4. You...

Guys a word of advice... Did you know that too much s*x leads to a poor memory and a few other things that I cant remember!