My Pretty Maid

I don't know why women are so hard...

My wife went out leaving our new born baby in the hands of our pretty maid. The little boy kept crying and the maid did all she can, but he kept crying till she brought out her breast to give him and he stopped crying.

As the small boy was sucking the breast, I entered and saw it, I was so angry and afraid that he could contact some form of a disease. I shouted at the girl, but she told me that nothing was coming out of the breast. I didn't believe her, I decided to suck the breast too to confirm.

As I was sucking her breast, my wife came in! Upon all my explanation, she refused to understand.

Right now, I am typing this from my hospital bed.

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nice and sweet, we got your back aka AKPOS

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Nice one

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It make sense

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I Didn't uderstand the last statment.

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