Free Entry

Did you hear the story about Chike's new venture?

He's opened a zoo.
Yes, a zoo.
And made the entry fee N5,000.

When nobody showed up, he reduced it to N2,500.

When no one still came, he further reduced it to N2,000. And then N1,000.

Until finally, he made it 'free' entry.

And the place is now packed for the holidays.

Anyway, heard that, about 20 minutes ago, he has released the lion and is now charging a N10,000 'exit' fee.

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fenko 's picture

Hahahaha very high profit. Bravo Chike!!!

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ogundele funmilayo's picture

Dat nigerian 4 u we like free tins after getting dat free tin we now put our selves into trouble

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