The Picnic

Three friends Akpos, Rukewe and Oghene decided to go for a picnic. Rukewe packs the picnic basket with drinks and sandwiches. Oghene carried the basket and they set out for the park 10km away.

It takes them 2 hours to get there. When they arrived, Oghene found out that Rukewe did not pack the bottle opener. They begged Akpos to make the 4 hour trip to go for the opener. He disagreed. "You'll finish the sandwiches before I return", Akpos protested. "No we won't'", assured Rukewe. After some more cajoling from them, Akpos reluctantly sets out for the opener. After 5 hours, there was no sign of Akpos. They decided to wait for another 3 hours, still no sign of Akpos. After waiting for more than 8 hours they were now very hungry so they decided to take one sandwich each.

As they were about to eat, Akpos pops out from behind a rock screaming "I KNEW IT! I'M NOT GOING AGAIN!!!"
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Most hilarious joke ever

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