Random Things

1. Nigerian parents are confused. They will beat their children with the intent of making them to cry and then start beating them again to stop them from crying.

2. Guys, when a Girl say "You are the best man in her Life" please, don't be surprise to see yourself standing beside her husband on her wedding day.

3. The downfall of a Man is when he moves from BBM to 2go.

4. Guys always complaining about girls that are looking for rich men, you sef hustle and be a rich man let girls find you too.

5. Very soon MTN will be Like, ''Do you know there are people in your village that don't want you to succeed? Quickly text "thunder fire them"to 33505, 50 Naira a week.

6. Those that use spoon to eat Eba are our major problem in this country.

7. It is only in Nigeria you will see a notice board say Man needed with 40 Years experience, must be aged, 25.

8. Girls please, your boyfriend should not be your source of income. Cause it is only a relationship, not a job opportunity.

9. Someone will just die with an Afro and his spirit will come back with low cut. So Barbing saloon is in that side? Please I need an answer o Nollywood.

10. Strangling your wife for making indomie as dinner is not domestic violence, it is self-defense.

11. Double dating is not when you are dating two girls at a time, it is when you are dating a girl whose weight is more than 100 kg.

12. If someone is bothering you with unnecessary calls, just copy and paste his number on . And write "Call this number to buy iphone 6 for 10,000 Naira."
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