Who is Joseph?

GIRLFRIEND: Hello oooo dearie!!!!


GIRLFRIEND: What happened?

KWAME: Nothing.

GIRLFRIEND: No, say na, what happened? You look unhappy.

KWAME: I will ask you something now and you have to tell me the truth. Will you?

GIRLFRIEND: Okay, ask.

KWAME: Who is Joseph? He likes all your profile pictures and even your status updates on facebook. Who the hell is he?

GIRLFRIEND: Please don't say anything about him.

KWAME: Is he your ex-boyfriend? Are you still in love with him?

GIRLFRIEND: Why would I love him. You are my only love.

KWAME: Then, is he your brother?

GIRLFRIEND: No, no. Not like that.

KWAME: Then who the hell is he for Christ's sake?

GIRLFRIEND: Shall we talk about something else?

KWAME: So you are hiding something from me? You have that much close relationship with him. He's so much important to you, right?

GIRLFRIEND: If I disclose the secret you will definitely scold me.

KWAME: I'm getting irritated now. Don't test my patience.

GIRLFRIEND: Pleasssssseeee!

KWAME: If you don't tell me, I will break up with you right now!

GIRLFRIEND: Okay, I will tell you. But promise me that you won't scold me, okay?

KWAME: Okay.

GIRLFRIEND: Ermmmm, that is my fake profile, if no one likes my pictures, I like my pictures through that account and also post comments like beautiful, hot, sexy, nice one, etc.
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